Meet Dr. Jeffrey Sessions

I’m a native of Oregon. I grew up out in West Salem where there were once fields and pastures. I obtained my undergraduate degree in General Science at Oregon State University. I went on to get my doctorate in dentistry at OHSU School of Dentistry in 1985. I spent my two-year Orthodontic residency at Indiana University earning my Orthodontic specialty degree. In addition, I earned my masters of science in dentistry degree at Indiana University. As friendly as the Midwesterners were, I returned to live in my home state. I’ve lived in and around Lake Oswego since starting my practice. My kids are now in their twenties and live and work in Portland. My wife and I recently moved to downtown Portland in the Pearl and enjoy living in the city.

I’ve tried to create a practice that is professional but has a friendly and personable feel. I’ve focused on keeping my practice progressive when it comes to research and technology so that my patients can benefit from this. Our practice has many “firsts” in the Portland area. This would include digitally scanning patients to obtain models, 3D X-ray imaging, and now 3D printing to allow an “impressionless” practice.