Envisiontec 3D Printer

Envisiontec 3D Printer Makes Us An  Impressionless Practice

We have taken the final step in removing alginate or PVS impressions in our practice. For almost 10 years we have been digitally scanning patients for a 3D record of their teeth.  We just recently purchased an Envisiontec 3D printer that allows us to use the 3D files obtained with our scanner to create a resin model instead of using alginate and pouring up a plaster model.
Our patients are amazed when they arrive for the debanding of braces and do not need a “mold” taken of their teeth to create their retainer.  In addition, we can now use either their previous scan or resin model for patients who need or want replacement retainers.  If their teeth have moved and their previous scan or molds are no longer accurate we can re-scan them in minutes and in many cases, digitally place a correction in their 3D model and make a new retainer with the built in minor correction.
Impressionless orthodontics is not only faster and more comfortable, but can often save patients trips to our office since their 3D file is saved in the cloud.  We are finding the 3D models made on our printer from a scan are more exact in their fit.  Having an impressionless office will ensure a more pleasant experience for our patients.