What Sets Us Apart

Welcome to Sessions Orthodontics! Dr. Jeff Sessions has a reputation as the orthodontist who provides excellent service with the best staff around. We love creating beautiful smiles for our patients and building strong relationships in the process. From your first visit with a treatment coordinator to the day the braces come off, you will become a part of our family.

Care starts at the front door where our Patient Coordinator Breana will greet you with a smile. You will have the chance to ask any questions, and we welcome parents to accompany their children to the treatment area where they can watch their smiles transform. The best relationships are based on trust, so we have an “open door” policy. We describe treatment in simple terms and take all the time needed to answer questions.

Latest Orthodontic Technology

  • With the purchase of the newest 3D digital printer our office became the first in Oregon to be completely impression free. Unlike most orthodontic offices, we offer digital iTero® scanning to replace old fashioned impressions and eliminate the need for stone models used for making orthodontic appliances.
  • Our 3D printer was not the first time our office made headlines in the technology department. Again, we were the first in Oregon to have the digital iTero scanner. Keeping up with the latest technology has cut down treatment times and has made treatment planning more accurate and precise. 

Green-Friendly Practice

  • Digital X-rays: Going digital eliminates the need for hazardous chemicals. It also eliminates the need for the plastic casing, cardboard paper, and most important, the lead lining to the X-ray film!
  • Emailing X-rays to dentists and specialist: Most offices still send cellulose X-rays and printed photos by conventional mail. Emailing X-rays and photos eliminates the need for paper and stamps, which saves a tree.
  • Paperless charting: We no longer buy thousands of chart holders, paper treatment cards, plastic sleeves for the charts, metal clips for the charts, and plastic file letters.
  • We have recycling bins in all parts of our office for paper and plastics.
  • We stopped using paper cups and paper plates in our staff lunchroom.
  • We recharge empty toner cartridges.
  • We switched from “wooden nickels” for our patient motivation program to virtual points called the "Patient Rewards Hub."  Even though handing our patients a tangilble coin was fun and motivating, we are now saving more trees.
  • We now print our Christmas/holiday cards and hand them out to our patients instead of mailing in an envelope with a stamp. This saves paper.
  • We turn computer workstations off at night.
  • We also provide Dr. Sessions recyclable bags for your groceries and goodies. Be sure to get yours next time you are in the office!