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Specialist in Orthodontics for Children & Adults

Dr. Jeffrey Sessions

310 N State St #302
Lake Oswego, OR 97034

(503) 636-5663

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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"Dr. Sessions and his staff are ultra professional and friendly.  You  
are always greeted with a smile when you come in.  It is a relaxed and  
very happy environment, which makes the appointments very enjoyable  
and stress free.  Dr. Session's entire team made the experience of  
having braces fun!  My children and I all have beautiful smiles,  
thanks to Dr. Sessions excellent work!
Janae P

Dr. Sessions is very knowledgeable and current on the latest in orthodontitic treatment. He provides an individualized plan and his quality of care is extraordinary. The office staff are awesome and from the day you are 'welcomed' on their board to the day your photo is on display celebrating a new 'brace free' patient, truly make the experience unique. Any questions or any suggestions to change this, feel free to call me at (503) 598-8866. (Gwynn and Paige's Mom).
Marianne V

I first met Dr. Sessions when I was referred to him in 1998 when I needed orthodontics as an adult.  Since then I have had two children needing treatment (and one probably coming up : ) and the long time staff has come to feel like family. The professionalism and individualized care is unbeatable and they truly go above and beyond to make you feel like you are more than just a patient. I live in Tigard and we have lots of choices of orthodontics in our neighborhood, but I would never go anywhere else!!
Jill C

Dr. Sessions and his staff are superb. The office environment is always professional, yet personal. They consistently make you feel at ease, provide quality care, and stay updated on the latest cutting edge technology. Thanks to Dr. Sessions, our family can now smile with confidence!
Catherine C

Sean Simonson's mom hand wrote the following:
The staff has always been very friendly and extremely accommodating to schedule appointment changes. We’ve been very pleased with their quick response to our needs. We were in bend and Sean forgot his rubber bands.  The staff mailed us a package of them and we had them in two days.
Dr. Sessions’s staff has quickly responded to any orthodontic emergency.  His staff has stayed late to see the kids.
Dr. Sessions keeps up with the latest technology and orthodontic treatments.  When there have been problems beyond orthodontics he has caught the problems and referred us to excellent providers.
The kids LOVE Dr. Sessions!  They don’t mind the appointments at all!  He uses a reward system for his patients that the kids really enjoy.
The office is beautiful, quiet, and peaceful.  His staff is so happy, kind and pleasant.
Diane S

I wish Dr. Session's office could have allowed me more space then a few lines to describe what an exceptional orthodontist Dr. Sessions is and how incredible his entire staff are. We have two children.  Many children/adults sail through orthodontia without a hiccup.  Some, like both of our children, have had unique dental requirements.  Dr. Sessions was and continues to be absolutely amazing. Dr. Jeff Sessions is proactive, knowledgeable, gracious about sharing his time, previous experiences, thoughts and recommendations.  His door is always open to follow up questions (whether by us or Noah and Tova).  He listens. He personally checks in after your children have had the first of anything (braces, extractions or other dental procedure). He is a gem. A true find and a fabulous doctor.  

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly anytime.

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